Out Damned Spot

Life and family both seem to be oblivious to the internal turmoil that Giselle faces as she gets a spot on her arm analyzed.
She doesn’t get to have a breakdown. There aren’t any charity organizations making her dreams come true. In fact, everyone at home is waiting for her to make supper before she has even been stitched up.
To top it all off, Giselle has to navigate through the disorganized and impersonal South African medical system, which heightens the confusion and terror that comes with a rogue spot.
Life goes on – or does it?

Out Damned Spot is available on Amazon (free on Kindle Unlimited).

This has been described as “hysterically funny”. It’s a real account of when I flirted with cancer in 2018. I changed the names to protect family members. Of course, it didn’t feel so funny at the time, but writing the book was very cathartic, and anybody who has ever been to the hospital will relate to it.

Caution – colourful language.